Monday, January 7, 2013

Failure Plan

I'm planning to fail, a lot.  Think about that, a proclamation of failure.  Most people start off the year talking about resolutions and success criteria and the number of goals they're going to achieve and blah blah blah. Then there's me; I'm creating a failure plan.

1) Start the Fail Fast Fool blog (check)
2) Remove the phrase "I can't" from my vocabulary
3) Fail...a lot
4) TBD

Let's start with step one, this blog.  The inspiration for this came from two places.  1) A conversation with a good buddy of mine (+Jay Nathan  - brilliant guy and you should check out his site) and 2) Little Bets by Peter Sims.  The conversation with Jay went something like this: 

Jay: "I'm trying something different with my site this year, 100 words per day"
Me: "That's awesome, I've always known I should have a blog but can never start because I don't have..."

The rest of the sentence is completely irrelevant.  I had quit before I even started because I was concerned with the success of a blog before it even existed.  In other words, I quit because I didn't want to fail.  

We'll get to Little Bets tomorrow.

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